Hip Pain

Conventionally, the main cause of hip pain is osteoarthritis. Now we have seen that osteoarthritis may not cause pain. Osteoarthritis is characterized by destruction of articular cartilage and a restructuring of the subchondral bone: densification, geodes, osteophytes. Or articular cartilage is not innervated, and subchondral bone much more. Also this theory ‘official’ is total deadlock on the first cause of osteoarthritis … Hip pain and Myotherapy

Another reason is found without osteoarthritis pain (signs or any other disease), at least as often as pain with osteoarthritis. The coincidence is far from constant. Especially since we often speak of osteoarthritis without any real radiological signs (because the diagnosis is purely radiological, MRI scanner for nothing), or in view of a single joint space, which is generally revealing that a compression of the joint. Hip pain and myotherapy it works.

This permanent compression can only be due to a contraction of a muscle that runs through the joint (the weight has nothing to do, it is admitted). Contractures are, they always present in case of hip pain, osteoarthritis or not. And if we treat these contractures by Brachy-Myotherapy, pain usually disappear (and the more quickly the problem is caught early), while the eventual osteoarthritis is still there: it was therefore not the cause of pain.

Every year in France are asked more than 80,000 hip replacements. This is far from a panacea: the pain sequelae are not uncommon, and are often important. As long as there is no blockage by bone spurs (osteophytes or « parrot beaks’) or a complete seal between the two parts of the joint, mobility is possible. It is best to start by treating contractures by Myothérapie and keep surgery for failures: there will be time to operate, but if the prosthesis is a failure, it becomes more difficult to treat (though not necessarily impossible by Myothérapie) .

Hip pain and myotherapy it works.

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