Everyone said that joint pain are due to osteoarthritis. To the point that many patients, instead of saying, « I hurt, » say, « I have osteoarthritis » .Osteoarthritis origin and Evolution?Bone remodeling what osteoarthritis can not detect that a radiographie. or during a surgical operation. We can make the diagnosis otherwise.

However there are a lot of joint pain for which one finds no sign of osteoarthritis. Conversely it is not rare to find, making an X-ray for another reason, the signs of osteoarthritis in the joints which the patient does not suffer.

But if we examine a painful joint, are always found muscle contractures. Or if one specifically addresses these contractions, and only they, by Brachy-Myotherapy, pain ceases generally totally and permanently without osteoarthritis disappears provided.

Osteoarthritis can not be the cause of the pain.

In cases of joint pain, often also been a limitation of motion of the joint. But no pain or limitation of movement may be due to bone or cartilage that covers it: they have little or no innervated, therefore can not be responsible for pains . Osteoarthritis origin and Evolution? Their structure allows movement through a harmonious sliding of the two pieces of bone that form the joint . It should also be noted that even if these bones were somewhat deformed or worn cartilage, this would not prevent the movement.
The other important element of the joint is the muscular system. By reflex contraction muscles protect the joint in case of impact. However there is often when the shock was important that the reflex contraction does not stop: it has become a permanent involuntary contraction, called a contracture.

In making the diagnosis is simple, the criteria are accurate. Or a symptom of contracture is pain, permanent or intermittent, compounded by the contraction or stretching of the muscle. And like this, by definition, through the joint, the pain is often felt as joint.
What matters most is that a treatment aimed solely contractures heals 2/3 joint pain – without even counting the significant improvements. 

This is the whole point of the Brachy-Myotherapy and results, which confirm the theory purely muscular.

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