Osteopath Bangkok

But what is osteopathy? Osteopath Bangkok

Created June 22, 1874 by the American doctor Andrew Taylor Still. The osteopathy is defined as:
« A natural therapeutic science based on precise knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body.
It uses all diagnostic means in order to highlight the malfunctions. Because the lack of mobility of tissues resulting in alteration of the balance of health.
Because osteopathic concept in his only practice manual for seeking the best inherent resources of the individual. Because considered in its entirety and reconsidered in its environment. « 

What is philosophy? osteopath Bangkok

We consider osteopathy as an art, a science, a philosophy.Its goal is to promote health by manually acting on the body. And not fight against the disease or cure. Thus, according to Andrew Taylor Still: « the duty of the practitioner is not to cure the patient. But adjusting part or the entire system so that the rivers of life can flow and irrigate the parched fields.

Chiropractic and osteopathy are both osteopathic techniques like osteo-Myotherapy.



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