The four major approaches in manual therapies

To understand a little better how the myotherapy (osteo myotherapy) is distinguished from other manual therapies. We will briefly summarize the different approaches applied today.

The osteopathy : Almost all manual therapies, sometimes with completely different approaches, bear the name of osteopathy Sometimes found the chiropractic  spinal manipulation or terms and others bearing the name of one who has developed.

The myotherapy: This term also denotes a manual therapy, but as a specific approach indicated by its name: myotherapy = processing muscle.
In order not to confuse with other methods using the same term , espacialy the usa, but not having much to do with the bmt (brachy-myotherapy). We use the term Brachy-Myotherapy  or osteo myotherapy which is a manual therapy.
The brachy myotherapy is treating muscles shortened by a contracture.
The method described here is a manual therapy is therefore addressing the muscles contractures. Following a recent shock or former contracture maintained by a medullary monosynaptic loop. Cause of most common disorders of the musculoskeletal system, thus most joint pain or neuralgia.

The 1 st in modern West emerged method was cracking type developed by the American still. It is based on a diagnosis considering the position of the bone parts and dealing with the bones. Diagnosis is made after the positions, or blocking movement of the bones.

the second is called cranial osteopathy coronation developed in the united states. Sutherland around 1943 observes the micro-movements of the body and corrected in case of irregular functioning, pain sources. The diagnosis is made by the position or movement of the bones. But the treatment is done in the direction of the easy, gently smooth so safely.

The 3rd is the myotensive osteopathy, here the treatment is to pull on the muscle. Meziere the method seems to be really fall into this group.

Finally we got a glimpse that shorten muscle contracture rose this contracture (according to a precise protocol) . Few of schools yet to use this principle. Only the united states since 1954 sixty years is therefore the method of strain counterstrain fire lawrence Jones. Malgres this common point, muscle shortening therapeutic muscle is different method on all other points. notament the point of view of diagnosis but also when the therapeutic protocol, the brachy myotherapy been taught since 1989 in osteopathes doctors and physiotherapists from France, Belgium, Switzerland and now in Thailand.

Source: Treaty of myotherapy Volume 1

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