The muscular origine of insomnia?

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Approximately 70% of English have difficulty getting to sleep and over 13% of them suffer insomnia. But the lack of sleep can have adverse health effects. But above all it reduces people’s life quality during the activities of the day by profound tired, lack of concentration and vigilance.

In the common and ordinary meaning, insomnia is the reduction in the usual sleep time and / or the achievement of sleep quality with repercussions on the quality of sleep the next day.

The causes of insomnia are stress, anxiety syndromes or agitation states and digestive problems. Depressive syndromes are often cause of insomnia but are sometimes the consequence. Some foods also can affect sleep quality as the coffee or the tea taken too late.

Now we realize that most of these syndromes are in fact the consequence of muscle problems because they increase muscle tone as coffee or like stress. Now we know that the osteo-Myotherapy is a therapy that effectively alleviates these muscle problems by acting directly on the primary cause of the problem. Indeed, persistent muscle spames can occur after a shock, even a very old fall. These muscle spasms can same duration a lifetime if they are not treated. They manifested exclusively on toned muscles that is to say the deep muscles responsible for the balance. Dynamic responsablent movement when muscles can not contract them has indefinitely on pain of cramps after a few minutes. Treatment with myotherapy be better than drug treatment because it is safe, painless and without side effects.

For an information supplement on the treatment of insomnia by myotherapy you can go on the website of the international society of the myotherapy




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