Back pain problem of the century

Back pain:

often said back pain problem of the century. Yet there is a simple way to not suffer. First differentiate various back pain.

There is first of all back pain located at the dorsal vertebrae those underpinning the ratings. The origin of the pain is muscular. But it is not by the muscles of the spine but the muscles which connect the blades to the spine. It should of course treat the primary cause. The primary cause is located in the neck to 2/3 of patients or ankles for the rest or treat in the same session the neck and ankles.

Then there is the lumbar and sciatic pain lying in the lower back. In the case of sciatica in the buttock continuing thigh and calf as the cause is muscular. The primary source of the problem comes in over three quarters of cases ankles. By the piriformis muscle contraction compensation phenomenon will compress the sciatic nerve responsible for pain.

The bad back was so muscular origin is treated very well by myotherapy. This occurs precisely on the treatment of contractures muscles by passive shortening thereof.

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