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Antoine osteopath Bangkok from osteo myotherapy firm covered the ITF women’s tennis tournament in Hua Hin. And including accompanying Polish player Katarzyna Kawa seeded No. 3. The top athletes seeking enormously their muscles are often affected by debilitating muscle spasms for their activity.
Antoine, is the first professional sporting event you follow as osteopath bangkok?
« Not at all, being myself a former top athlete I am used to this kind of competitions or organizations are often subject to harsh trials. Besides, I am also the official osteopath of Thailand athletics team. so I used to follow these athletes outsized and treat pathologies of the sport « 

What are the problems and injuries that you encounter most in the sport?
« This of course depends on the discipline. In athletics, we meet with shoulder problems among pitchers or shin splints among long jumpers by example and with the footballer of it will cruralgia or knee pain. Regarding this week in Hua Hin which amounted most was pain in the back but also at the elbow with the famous tennis elbow.  »
Are there differences between patients that you meet in your office Rama 3 and top athletes?
« I would say that the pathology of Mr. everyone is more diverse with quite diverse pathologies. In sporting problems will benefit binds to the specific discipline. In addition, athletes are often more demanding with myself and especially in terms of time.
Can you tell me about the osteomyotherapie?

« The osteomyotherapie or brachy-Myotherapy is an osteopathic technique not acting on the bone such as chiropractic or osteopathy. This is a gentle manual therapy that aims to treat the muscle spasms responsible for musculoskeletal disorders. Muscles are treated by shortening the maximum liability of their insertions. Treat the muscle is particularly indicated in pathologies related to sports but also in the conditions of daily life.

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