Is cellulite can be treated by Osteo-myotherapie?


What is cellulite.

Cellulite refers to a subcutaneous fat deposit that preferentially accumulates on the thighs, buttocks and hips. Also called orange peel, it is named after the appearance of the skin that seems less smooth and slightly dented.

 The 3 types of cellulite.

There was first the adipose cellulite which is painless and the key that appears when you pinch the skin.
The aqueous cellulite or associated edematous has significant water retention.
The fibrous cellulite which it is painful to the touch and is installed for longer than the other two.

 Traditional treatments.

There are a multitude of treatments that usually do not have lasting results but which nevertheless have a short-term observable effectiveness. These techniques are more or less radical and range from the application of a simple cream liposucion painful.

Why are there no lasting treatment against cellulite.

We always wonder why no treatment is truly sustainable. Why are there no definitive treatment for this problem aesthetic origin. As so often in these scenarios it is because one does not address the problem. It treats the symptoms without treating the cause. That means taking anti-inflammatory against osteoarthritis while it only masks the pain never heal.

 Cellulite Treatment by Osteo-Myotherapy.

It has been observed in many patients treated with Osteo-myotherapy to other problems such as back pain, migraines or osteoarthritis cellulite disappeared or significantly decreased after treatment with osteo-Myotherapy. It appears that the treatment of 3 muscles in particular is related to these results. These muscles are located in the pelvic region and pelvis. There is still no study conducted for this condition so that the international society brachy-myotherapy can hypothesize about the process agrees. But it seems that these contractures muscles squeeze the blood and lymph vessels. This would result in an accumulation of waste and congestion adipocytes responsible for the appearance of cellulite.